Five Questions with Wayne Brekke

What you probably know; He hosts a podcast, “Worlds of Wayne.” What you may not know; He’s a wonderful visual artist and drummer. Once the drummer for Anonymous American, Wayne Brekke hasn’t been playing too often lately. I wanted to know what was happening lately with this “man about town,” and for that, I asked him “Five Questions.”

1) Q: How’s the music career going?

A: The music career is not much of a priority at the moment. After Anonymous American, we all just went our separate ways and I am not really missing playing much. I do work with a few friends now and again and have done some studio session work, which I really enjoy, but I don’t miss lugging my drums around. Basically the Worlds of Wayne Podcast has taken its place as far as my musically creative outlet. I get the benefit of meeting so many musicians and having them recognize me as someone who is helping out the scene. I enjoy that. I guess I went from one type of stage to the other. I have been privileged enough to interview so many amazing musicians, it’s now going on 3 years of the show.

2) Q: What’s happening this summer for you?

A: This summer I am really focusing on my art work. Ive been a painter since I was a kid and a professional artist since the early 90s. I want to do it full time and get into galleries around the country. I’ve sold alot of work in the past years but never took it to the point of making it a full time career. Now i am ready to make that transition.

3) Q: What’s been the most exciting thing to happen to you in the past 6 months?\

A: The most exciting thing that has happened in the last 6 months probably would be our trip to Kansas for the Mad Toto Scooter Rally. My wife and I are in the Omaha Scooter Club and both have scoots. We went last year and had a blast. it usually falls around our anniversary, so its kind of a present to the both of us. its a weekend with about 200 scooters, free food and booze, a raffle, and lots of cool rides around the city. awesome people.

4) Q: Tell me about any new recording(s) you may be part of?

A: As far as new recordings, I may be playing with Korey Anderson. He is working with a group of amazing musicians and new material that is some of his best. that should be coming together here in the next couple months.

5) Q: Personal life? Got one?

A: My personal life seems a bit less personal thanks to facebook…heh heh. but my wife laurie and I are very happy. we both work from home and its been quite a struggle lately, but we are making it work on all levels. She’s great and understands me. I have two girls from another marriage here in Omaha and we get to spend lots of time with them. I’m a Scorpio and she’s a Cancer, so yeah, there is tons of chemistry. And the sex is great too…ha!

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