Five Questions with Orenda Fink


To meet Orenda Fink is to like her. The unassuming brunette has a velvet voice, and something to say. She takes her art seriously, and in kind, people tend to take her seriously.
Born in Birmingham, Alabama, Fink was half of the Southern pop duo Azure Ray from 2001 to 2004. Coincidentally, I was just hanging out again with my 15 year old friend, Delphine, (she lives across the street part-time) and she was trying to learn an Azure Ray tune on my piano, “Sea of Doubt.” I asked why she wanted to learn it, and she said “Because it’s easy to learn on the piano, it’s fun to sing along to, and the lyrics are inspirational!” I think Delphine is a good gauge as to what’s happening in the age 13-17 set. She’s a huge music fan, and a pretty good musician herself. I think Orenda would like Delphine.
O.F. is also a former member of Now it’s Overhead, and worked her project called Art in Manila for the past couple of years. She released her debut with A.I.M. August of 2007. (Original name, Art Bell. You’ve got to love that one if you’re a late night radio listener.) She is married to Todd Fink of The Faint.
I hit Orenda up on Facebook with Five Questions:
1) Q: How’s the music career going?
     A: It’s going good. I released a record with my friend Cedric LeMoyne (Remy Zero) a few months ago. It’s called O+S and is a project that rose out of field recordings I collected for a residency at the Bemis Center For Contemporary Arts. We toured out to SXSW this year and are hoping to get back on the road soon with it. I also have a new solo record coming out in October on Saddle Creek Records.
2) Q: What’s happening this summer for you?
     A: This summer I’m mostly concentrating on writing for a new Azure Ray record. We are also doing a little touring in July. We will be doing a short West coast run and then heading over to Omaha on July 24th for the Slowdown‘s outdoor concert with Cursive and Flowers Forever. I’ll also be working on artwork, videos, photos, etc. for my new solo record.
3) Q: What’s been the most exciting thing to happen to you in the past 6 months?
     A: I moved to Los Angeles in January, so that was pretty exciting. Our 26-foot U-Haul with a car on the back broke down four times on the way out, so that added an extra element of ridiculousness to the move. But, we made it and are having fun adjusting to our new surroundings.
4) Q: Tell me about any new recording?
     A: The new solo record that comes out in October is being mastered currently. It is sort of a Southern Gothic folk album. Players include Steve Bartolomei (aka Mal Madrigal,) Dan McCarthy (McCarthy Trenching,) Ben Brodin (Midwest Dilemma, Mal Madrigal) of Omaha, and also Andy LeMaster (Now It’s Overhead) from Athens, GA. It was co-produced by Steve Bartolomei and Andy LeMaster. There are also guest vocals from Adrianne Verhoeven (Dri), Pearl Boyd (Outlaw Con Bandana), Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse) and Christine Fink (my lil sis!). The artist, Chris Lawson, who co-wrote some of the lyrics on the record, will be doing the artwork and videos.
5) Q: Personal life? got one?
     A: I’m married to Todd Fink (The FaintDepressed Buttons) and have a little dog who is my shadow. He is cuddled up to me as I type this.
For more information: Become a fan of O + S on Facebook.


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