Prepare to laugh. A review of ‘The Hangover’

This may be the funniest ‘Road Trip’ movie, EVER. Four dudes spend a weekend in Vegas before one of them gets married, and hilarity ensues. The cast is relatively unknown, barring Bradley Cooper, who is best known for NOT dating Jennifer Aniston. As the slick “Phil,” he provides the ‘Joe-cool’ leading man contrast to Zach Galifianakis’s “Alan,” who is a mess of dynamic proportions. But it is “Stu,” Ed Helms, who steals the show in my view, as the mild mannered dentist, who manages to lose a tooth during their lost night in “Sin City.” Stu has a little musical aside in an improv piano/voice moment that is ‘bust a gut’ funny.

The cast is tight, and the writing realistic, throughout unreal circumstances. Mike Tyson does a good job with a cameo as himself, after finding that one of his tigers had been stolen overnight by the crew. The boys remember zero from the evening in question, and spend the movie trying to piece together the night of debauchery. Justin Bartha plays the groom-to-be, who is the focal point of the movie, by being missing after the depraved evening.

Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (“Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,” “Four Christmases”) provided a great script for the actors, but it is their timing and realism that turns this from a simple farce into a work of comic art. Heather Graham appears as a ‘hooker with a heart,’ whom Helms (The Office) apparently marries during the group’s fiasco of an evening.

One thing that pinged my eyebrow a bit. As the credits roll, and the full night’s activities are shown in a series of candid shots from the gentlemen’s ‘camera,’ there is one picture of ‘Alan’ being “satisfied” orally in an elevator, that I did not know you could show and still get an ‘R’ rating. My mother-in-law turned to me and said “They can show ANYTHING these days.” I guess that is true.

This is an outrageous, exciting, hilarious hour and a half that you will not soon forget. A must see if you want a movie that truly provides an escape from the day to day grind. Adult fun that is not for kids, at all.

4.5/5 stars


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