Five Questions with Buck Bowen


Buck Bowen is an enigma. I hate to say that because I THINK that he loves to THINK that people THINK he is a puzzle. But, I don’t know. And I know him. I’ve known him for 11+ years. I know it’s been that long, because I met him around the time we moved into our new (old) home in Field Club.

When we moved, one of the things we were looking most forward to was creating a recording studio, which we did, complete with Pro Tools. I was confounded by the software, and asked a friend of ours, John Kotchian, if he knew anyone who knew the program. He suggested Buck, who lived right up the street. He rode his skateboard down our mutual block, & showed up at my door, a super model waif sized elfin imp. We got along. Over the years, I’ve played shows with, hung with, and generally just loved Buck. Still friends, we’re scheming playing a show together when he’s in town over the holidays. He jokes (I say joke, he says serious) about hating Omaha, but he always returns. He has fam here.

I’ll grant you that his talent is bigger than this place. And I don’t mean only as a rapper. Buck gets things done. He’s a talented graphic artist, videographer, creative eye, and thinker. His latest ideology and rap subject is Atheism, which could be another reason the “Bible-Belt” might not be the place for him.

I emailed him his Five Questions, which, in his can-do style, were returned to me within 15 minutes.


1) What inspires and drives you?
BB – Beauty and truth (not necessarily in that order).

2) How is a Nebraska artist viewed in California?
BB – A who?

3) Who are you hyped on listening to right now?
BB – Mostly stuff with loud bass, blips, and machine gun snares.

4) What do you view as your biggest success so far?
BB – Getting out of the Boogie Down ‘Braska.

5) What are you most looking forward to? Projects in the works?
BB – Releasing 2 music videos, an animation, and performing new material (ideally with a jazz trio).

Check out Buck’s work at



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