Five Questions with Denver Dalley *updated

Denver Dalley is one of our own who has actually ‘made it.’ Having collaborated with the great Conor Oberst back in the day with the band Desaparecidos, (DD wrote the music, Oberst, lyrics) which released one album on Saddle Creek before breaking up in 2003,  Dalley has successfully moved to other projects; Statistics, an electronic-tinged solo project, and now, Intramural, also influenced by electronic music.

I remember Denver from his days rocking out on the Central High School stage, and his family from various church events. I asked Denver 5 questions through Facebook, and got an appreciative and informative response.

1)  Q: How’s the music career going?
     A:  It’s going just fine i suppose. especially given the overall state of the industry. ive been mainly playing as sort of a “hired gun” for a handful of groups- namely the watson twins and har mar superstar, working on commercials/jingles and recording a few different projects. i also recently had songs i wrote featured on ER, ugly betty and harpers island!
2)  Q: What’s happening this summer for you?
      A: I’ve been kind of bouncing around this summer and right now im back in nashville, getting ready to move back out to LA again (ive been splitting my time between the two places for the last couple years).
3)  Q: What’s been the most exciting thing to happen to you in the past 6 months?
      A: Well, my renters had a pretty major kitchen fire in one of my properties. that was pretty exciting. luckily no one was hurt or anything like that, but its been quite a process getting that all taken care of and sorted out. the house looks the best its ever looked now though, and it sounds like there are new renters moving in as well!
4)   Q: Tell me about any new recording you may have in the works?
       A: ive been slowly working on a record that will either be under my name, or the new statistics record. statistics is a solo project, so it makes sense to use that name, i just dont know how its going to turn out- might be too much of a departure for that moniker… beyond that, just random projects here and there. i worked on a project called “city light” and that should be coming out soon. it might be out now actually…
5)   Q: Personal life? got one?
       A: personal life… hmm… well im single again, hehe… i dont know- im always on the move, so that can be hard on friendships and relationships. but i love to catch up with old friends when im around. love to go running and watch movies. get sushi. those sorts of things. thanks so much for thinking of me!
For more information: Denver Dalley on Myspace.
Originally published on on June 16, 2009


\10/23/14 \Caught up with Denver today, asked him for an update on his career.
DD >Let’s see… I’m still living in New York, although I’m hardly ever home. I leave for tour (playing for Har Mar Superstar) on Monday. Then I leave that tour for three weeks to come back to Omaha and finish the new Desaparecidos album, then when the tour comes through Omaha, I’ll jump back on it and finish it out. Looking forward to being in Omaha for most of November!


Denver Dalley
Denver Dalley



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