Five Questions with Peter Buffett

One cool dude from High School. Peter Buffett

I was at Peter Buffett’s house once. We were trying out for a high school talent show with a great song that I loved, “School Boy Crush” by Average White Band. I never understood why that act didn’t make it. I think it was because we were all in so many other acts, they had to cut something out. But I really wish they hadn’t cut that tune. We all jammed. And it was cool to see a handball court in a house. (Warren Buffett’s house. Yeah, there, I said it.)

Peter was best friends with Lars Erickson, (more about Lars later) and together they were about the coolest kids at Central High School. They did four handed piano solos and were altogether very low key. It’s sweet to get to see what everyone turned out like, now as adults. The answer is: pretty darn cool, just like high school. Peter is doing what he always loved to do, playing and creating music. I caught a tune he did with Akon a while back, and it was nice. I hit him up for five questions, and he was kind enough to oblige.

1) How’s the music career going?

Great! It’s a very exciting time actually. As the business is falling apart, there are wonderful opportunities.
I’ve recently launched a Ning site that anyone is welcome to join… I release a new song there every month as well as host “talk back Tuesdays” the first Tuesday of every month. All of this and more is exclusive to the site. It’s a great way to really connect with my fans.

2) What’s happening this summer for you?

Well.. with a song a month, I’m busy writing music! I also just finished up the score to a film about the 13 indigenous grandmothers called “For the Next Seven Generations”
I’m also moving! Which means I have to take my studio apart and put it back together – which is sort of fun, actually.

3) What’s been the most exciting thing to happen to you in the past 6 months?

Probably my performance at the UN with Akon. That was really an extraordinary experience.

4) Tell me about any new recording(s) you may have in the works? how was the joint with akon received?

All of this and more can be answered on my Ning site! (shameless plug)… New songs just keep coming. The Akon piece was really well received – and continues to be. Someone told me that they recently heard the song in Thailand! I have also been performing the song live – with and without Akon – and it continues to move people.

5) Personal life? got one?

Yes! I am happily married and we are definitely on a journey both together and independently – which makes it fun.

For more information on Peter Buffett visit:

First published for on July 18, 2009


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