Five Questions with Jude Angelini

Rude Jude and Lord Sear from Sirius XM’s All Out Show

I love Satellite radio. I almost worked for XM when they were at the beginning of their run, but opted not to be the Program Director for their “Sex and Relationships Channel” (Playboy) because my parents are both still alive and have their hearing. And so, I came back after my interview and went on my path of local radio stardom. And that was great. Anyhow, 😉 there are so few people I actually like as a radio personality that I can count them on one hand. I don’t want to tell you who they are, it might unfairly prejudice you towards Jude given my other choices, and so, I wouldn’t want to do that.

Two weeks ago I happened past “The All Out Show” on Sirius/XM’s Shade 45 channel, which is Eminem’s channel, and I heard this outrageous, sexy person. A Barry White sounding breather, and FUNNY. Hilarious. Bold. Brash. All out. He’s known as “Rude Jude,” and I was transfixed. I even told my hubby about him, which I do not do as a rule when it comes to radio. I actually looked for him when we took a road trip last weekend, and we found him. While I was listening to him, something was more familiar than the first time.  When I was in my hotel room, I looked him up on google, found out he was WHITE! WHAT?? Whoa. Then I knew how some people felt hoodwinked by me on the air. (I got some of that myself, they thought I was black.) Then I remembered him from T.V., from The Jenny Jones Show, many years back. He was the funny outrageous guy she could always count on to bring life to her show. I had to find him on Facebook, and so I did, hit him up, and here we are. Five questions.

1) With the success of Shade 45 and The All Out Show, do you plan on taking your talent ‘main-stream’ and back to TV?

yeah, for the last few years i’ve been concentrating on solely doing the radio show but now i’m ready to move it back to the screen where i got my start from.

2) Are you a musician or have any hobbies?

no i dont make music but i love it. my sister and i do a mixtape club, where we pull topics out of a hat and make theme mixes. right now i’m working on a “treasure” themed mix, where the song has to be about, by or titled with something to do with treasures. some of the songs are… bloodstone – i’m just doing my job, the arcade fire – headlights look like diamonds, and townes van zandt – mr. gold and mr. mud.
the mixtape club keeps me listening to different types of music and it helps me discover music i already have.
I also have been doing a blog,, for the last 8 months. in my humble opinion it’s pretty good. and i play backgammon a few times a week. i also started collecting backgammon boards. i love the game.

3) What music are you into to right now?

the music i been into right right right now? as far as rap goes, royce the 5’9″ and gangster shi* from the mid 90’s. i just got a shi* load of debussy, he’s some piano playing composer dude. and the other night i was shrooming listening to john coltrane, that was epic.

4) With your recent move from NY to LA what are your impressions of the differences in the coasts?

i got to nyc 10 years too late. by the time i arrived in mahattan it was a shopping mall. it’s loud, over priced, and an awful place to live. that being said i love to visit it. i just have OCD and all the people up in my space fu*k with me in a major way. i lived there for 2 and a half years, it aged me by 20 years. LA on the other hand, is easy. the rents cheaper, the quality of life is higher you just have to avoid the douchey clubs and all the fu*king hipster dipshi*s in silver lake and echo park.

5) Are you a huge Eminem fan personally?

*Jude didn’t answer this question.

To check The All Out Show, hit this link: All Out Show

First published for July 18, 2009


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