Five Questions with Nick Semrad from Little Black Stereo


I first heard Little Black Stereo last year at a show at Knickerbockers in Lincoln. They were on a bill with Shiver Shiver and Pharmacy Spirits, and just blew me away. A great combination of pop and indie, with fantastic hooks and freshy fresh songwriting skills.

At this writing I am sitting with my 15 year old friend, Delphine. I played LBS’s “Later On” for her. “It sounds like the 60’s!” she said. Now there’s a girl with some musical ears. Little Black Stereo does, indeed sound like the 1960’s.

Little Black Stereo is Nicholas Semrad, Elizabeth Jackson, Matt Jackson, Ben Jackson, Sean Jackson, Jamey Jackson Jr. According to their myspace, people say they are jovial and spunky.

This is the first in a series of five questions interviews. Nick received and answered the questions via Facebook.

1) Q: How’s the music career going?

A: The music career is going well….I’m doing almost enough work musically to make it a full-time-financial thing, which is kind of the goal I guess. As far as LBS goes, we’ve started to get a lot of great opportunities regarding big shows and business opportunities, so the hard work is starting to pay off a little bit.

2) Q: What’s happening this summer for you?

A: This summer has involved lots of song writing and practicing while getting all the necessary things done regarding the release of the EP.  I also jumped through a pool surrounded by fire, which was sort of a goal of mine.

3) Q: What’s been the most exciting thing to happen to you in the past 6 months?

A: I think the gigs that I’ve been offered to be a part of have been pretty sweet….LBS was invited to play Big Red Welcome (at UNL) and is going to play with one of our favorite bands, the White Rabbits (out of New York).

4) Q: Tell me about the new recording?

A: The new recording contained lots of realizations for me and the group. I think we learned what we’re good at, what needs work, and how to progress forward. For me, Little Black Stereo was a sort of “for-fun” thing for a long time, and now we’re starting to get some pretty good reactions; it’s kind of forced me to start taking it very seriously; and it’s been good for me.

5.) Q: Personal life? Got one?

A: No. =)

You can check Little Black Stereo with The White Rabbits out June 27, at Slowdown.

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