Five (More) Questions with Wayne Brekke

Wayne Brekke
Wayne Brekke

Creeping up on the 300th episode of his Worlds of Wayne podcast, Wayne Brekke looks back on 8 years of internet audio awesomeness. He currently hosts/produces three shows, Worlds of Wayne, The Necronomicast, and 5 O’Clock Lifestyle. Each show is a labor of love, because for him, podcasting isn’t a paying gig. But that’s not all he does. Wayne is also the owner of Big Ink Writing Services, he’s a drummer, and an artist. He’s a husband and a father too, as well as a scooter enthusiast.

"To me it’s not about the money. It never was." - Wayne Brekke
“To me it’s not about the money. It never was.”
– Wayne Brekke

One of my first interviews for this blog, Wayne answered FIVE (more) QUESTIONS, and gave us the latest.

1) So why do you do you put in so much creative time when you don’t get paid for it? 

WB – To me it’s not about the money. It never was. It’s more about developing a creative outlet, having fun, supporting friends, meeting new people, and touching base with people around the world. My reward is getting to hang out with cool people, have a few drinks, and share the conversation with the world.

2) What are your shows about?

WB – Worlds of Wayne is simply a variety show of all the things in my world. I’ve have a long list of amazing guests from all walks of life. The Necronomicast is a horror based show with myself, Doug Kabourek, Brian Corey, and Scott  (Zip) Zimmerman where we talk about horror movies, TV, and do interviews with people in the horror industry. 5 O’clock Lifestyle I host with my wife Laurie and we talk about cocktails, food, and entertaining.

3) You also do lots of other things. What keeps you busy?

WB – Yeah, I’m kind of all over the place but it’s all fun and creative. I am a business owner (Big Ink Writing Services), an artist, podcaster, a musician (drummer for Sailing in Soup), President of the Omaha Scooter Club, Dad, an avid gamer (D&D of course), and I like to hang out socially. I also DJ and MC for the Omaha Roller Girls at their bouts at the Mid America Center. Keeps a full calendar it does.

4) What were some of your most memorable podcasts?

WB – As a huge Toad the Wet Sprocket fan I would have to say my interview with Glen Phillips almost made me star struck, but also I was pretty proud of my interview with Collin Hay of Men at Work. Did the entire interview and never mentioned his former 80’s band. I think once he knew we weren’t going there, he really opened up and we had a great conversation.

I have had the honor of having so many amazing people on my show. My recent interview with Caitlin Little was super fun too, we just drank cocktails and chatted for an hour. She makes me laugh so much; it’s hard to stay focused on the interview. And all the stellar in studio performances – I’m happy I was able to capture them.

5) So what does the future look like in your world?

WB – Who knows? I’m focusing a lot on our business as far as what pays the bills. The podcasts are going strong and people are booking up every month to be guests. We are also working to expand the shows and new ones are also in the works. Winter is always a fun time for me to paint and my band is a fun group of dudes who are a true pleasure to play with. Other than that, I relish some quality couch time with my girls and our three cats. I guess the future’s pretty bright on my side of the fence.





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