Five Questions with Bryant “Bizzy B” McCain

Bryant "Bizzy B" McCain
Bryant “Bizzy B” McCain

Bryant “Bizzy B” McCain created an Urban radio station from his own
music collection, and that station grew into a top rated station in a
market, Omaha, that wasn’t used to the format.

I met Bryant when we were both working for NRG Media, and Bizzy lived up
to his name. A no – nonsense, working manager, his staff respected him,
and he got the best out of them. In this day and age, people have to zig
when corporate America zags, and Bizzy is one who has kept his career
fresh through any changes thrown his way.

Bryant "Bizzy B" McCain, Dewaun Davis, Guerrilla X and Chino XL
Bryant “Bizzy B” McCain, Dewaun Davis, Guerrilla X and Chino XL

Bizzy has been a DJ for over 20 years. He started in radio in sales 9-5
and did the drive home mix show at the end of the day. He was offered
the chance to start a new urban station in the market, and was a successful PD for over 10 years, switching from mainstream Urban, to Rhythmic radio formats.

Now the owner/producer at Bizzness Films, Inc., Bryant has interests all
over the board, loves to write, direct films, is an in-demand photographer, and runs entertainment for one of the biggest night clubs in Omaha, Rhythmz Lounge.

I caught up with Bizzy via email, for FIVE QUESTIONS.

1) You’ve recently expanded your life, and have started an entertainment business. Can you tell us what you offer? How did you get started in the film business?


BB– I have added professional photography to my bag of tricks. Offering everything from family and kids to creative and sexy boudoir. I still do social media video branding as well.


2) What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on in the past year?


BB– Finished a documentary on a recovering drug addict in Nashville, one who writes for alot of the top country stars and is managed by Dolly Parton. Also, I just returned from Japan shooting for AND1 basketball.


3) Tell us about Rhythmz Lounge?


BB– I am in charge of the entertainment at Rhytmz, dj’s events, and the vibe of it all.


4) Do you still do live DJ-ing? Any radio right now?


BB– I’m a dj for life been doing it since I was 11 and at 43…..well I will never stop playing music for the masses, whether it be a club, wedding, concert or a special event. No, there seems to be alot of black balling when it comes to radio around here so that part of my life is behind me. No more slave ship for me!


5) Goals for the future? Short term / long term?


BB– Still am going to direct and produce two of my scripts for film festivals. I am going to be a go-to for creative and glamour photography by summer of 2015. Long term: Not have a care in the world because all my creative force is paying the bills and letting me live for a living and not call it work!

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