Five Questions with Houston Alexander

Houston Alexander
Houston Alexander

MMA fighter, Houston “The Assasin” Alexander,  is a native of East St. Louis, Illinois, whose career took off after relocating to Omaha, Nebraska. He organized the ‘Scribble Cru’, a collection of graffiti artists, as well as the ‘Alliance Allstar  B-boys and B-girls’ (who have toured with legends: Ice T, Salt & Pepa, Foxy Brown, Juvenile, Vanilla Ice, Tone-Loc, Tech N9Ne, Da Brat, Trina and many more). Houston is involved with The Stars Agency as a model and actor, and had a role in the 2010 Danny Trejo movie Vengeance. He is a hip hop youth outreach mentor in here in Nebraska.  A single father of eight children who gave a kidney to one of his daughters in 2000, Houston’s priorities are most often outside of the cage. 

Houston Alexander
“Nothing scares me. I’ve seen it all.” – Houston Alexander

Houston and I go back to my radio days, when we used to do remotes together. He’s a family man with a positive attitude, and I always got a kick out of hanging with him. He still does a radio show on Power 106.9Strong Arm on Power Mix Sunday NightSunday nights from 6-8 p.m.

Houston Alexander
“I’ve always fought. I’ve always been physical.”
– Houston Alexander

A fighter with a winning record, Houston spent some time with me yesterday. I asked to send him Five Questions. He answered, “How about old fashion talking over the phone. Lol” Sounded good to me. 

Here’s our audio version of FIVE QUESTIONS.







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