Five Questions with Nik Fackler

"I like mind-altered states. I like to show there’s more to life than just your current perception.” - Nik Fackler to Silicon Prairie News
“I like mind-altered states. I like to show there’s more to life than just your current perception.” – Nik Fackler to Silicon Prairie News

Artist, storyteller, Nik Fackler directed and wrote the films Lovely, Still (2008) and Sick Birds Die Easy (2011). He directed Martin Landau and Ellen Burstyn in starring roles, and has been nominated for Best First Screenplay by The Independent Spirit Awards.

InDreama - Nik Fackler and collaborators Dereck Higgins, Aaron Gum
InDreama – Nik Fackler and collaborators Dereck Higgins, Aaron Gum

The 30 year old Fackler stays busy. His experimental band, InDreama was signed to Team Love Records in 2012. His other band, Icky Blossoms, (Saddle Creek Records) is poised to release their sophomore effort soon. Icky’s self titled first-release, are danceable/vibey sounds from members Fackler, Derek Pressnall, and Sarah Bohling.  Fackler is also a hired hand with indie pop stars Tilly and The Wall.

Icky Blossoms
Icky Blossoms: Derek Pressnall, Sarah Bohling, Nik Fackler

I enjoyed both Lovely, Still, a script he wrote when he was 17, and Sick Birds Die Easy, a movie cut from 500 hours of footage. The first, not widely released, was a tender story between two septuagenarians, proving one is never too old to find love. The latter, available everywhere, is an intuitively made, pseudo documentary, following a self indulgent, group drug trip to Africa, in search of a potent plant that is said to cure dependency. Both films are emotional, both come from deep places in the human spirit.

While still in high school, Nik gained entrance into the Los Angeles
Film School, but passed up that chance, and instead honed his talents here
in the midwest. He made music videos for bands like Azure Ray and Bright
Eyes early on in his career. The quality of letting music lead the way in his films is an aesthetic that still rules with Fackler, in both Lovely, and Sick Birds.

Back in 2010, Fackler was touted as the next big thing in indie film.
He was recently married to the former Kat Lessor at his home in Omaha.
What is the next big thing for Fackler?

He thoughtfully answered FIVE QUESTIONS.

1) What inspires and drives you?

NF – I am driven to find new things that inspire me. I am addicted to the
feeling of inspiration and the creativity that is the result of that.
But I am not a creature of habit. Songs and experiences that once
inspired me, stop working. So the drive is the need to discover new

2) If you were forced, which would it be, film making or music?

NF – Yikes! Like, with a gun to my head? I would probably choose filmmaking.
But I don’t think I could ever choose one or they other. They each
bring me happiness and swinging back and forth between them has been a
way to keep myself happy. I lean more towards filmmaking because music
is a big part of filmmaking for me. So, it is kind of a trick to still
have both in my life.

3) What do you think of Spotify and other streaming services as an
artist? As a consumer?

NF – I hate it. I use it… So as a consumer, I cant not use it – This is
just how to consume art in modern times. But as an artist and a grumpy
old man I hate it. I wish things were they way they used to be. Where
you could go to a record store or video rental place and just look for
hours and take it home and be excited to watch it. It was a ritual and
you valued it more. Obviously on the business side, anyone who wants to
succeed as a career artist, misses the old days where people actually
purchased records and bought DVDs. Instead of getting those sweet
checks from Spotify for $ .0003

4) What do you view as your biggest success so far?

NF – Being nominated for a spirit award for Lovely, Still and being able to
jump into a crowd of people dancing to music I’m helping to create.

5) What are you most looking forward to? Projects in the works?

NF – The future is a mystery. I dont have any plans in the long run. Just
to be happy and in love with my wife. I’m writing new screenplays and
releasing new albums and am looking forward to seeing how people
respond. Mostly, I’m just looking forward to the next time I feel






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