Five Questions with Jordan Elsberry

Johnny Depp played The Libertine.

Jordan Elsberry
Jordan Elsberry

Jordan Elsberry IS The Libertine. Yeah, pretty much. (See that movie!)

You know of Jordan if you live in Omaha. You’ve seen him if you’ve been to House of Loom, or Side Door, or J Coco, or the Old Market. The thing you may not know about the man-bun wearing hottie shaking your craft-cocktail is that he is one of the finest musicians/performers in the area. Jordan has been featured with a number of projects, and as a solo artist.

The native Fremont 20-something came to Omaha in the mid 2000’s, and hasn’t stopped creating since. As a DJ his work has been featured at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts. As part of the duo Shiver Shiver he has performed at The Holland Center and regionally at every live music venue from Colorado to Chicago to Cleveland and back. As a beat-maker he has been tapped to provide sounds for some of the areas hottest young MC’s. As an actor he has worked with political movers and shakers. As a jazz musician he was one of 26 musicians chosen for the Betty Carter Jazz Ahead residency program at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, and has played with every great player here in the midwest for years. As a recording artist he has released many products, his own, and as a side-man on other musician’s projects. As a friend, he is a gentle editor and advisor. He is a bon-vivant. He is a life-lover, and a life-liver.

I became aware of Jordan in the early 2000’s while at a jazz band concert in Bellevue at one of the high schools, where he took over the stage. I said, “Woah”. I discovered that he is the son of two musicians, one of whom I was aware of, the great music educator, Jim Elsberry, and singer/voice talent, Ardeth Ohm. Jordan and our son, Chase became friends and collaborators during that time frame, and have worked and played together since. At this point, I can’t remember NOT knowing the Elsberrys, they are family to us.

Both friends, Jordan and Chase, are commuter bicyclists, and Francophiles. Both have spent time in France, and want to spend more. Both have women in France they’re in love with and who love them. So, love rules.

Jordan leaves Omaha for France this week. I thought it was a good time to check in with him, and asked him FIVE QUESTIONS.

1) I hear you’re leaving town. Where’re you goin’ and why?

JE – I’m going back to Besançon, France. It’s a small city close to the Swiss border, kind of in the foothills of the Alps. I’ve lived there once before, and I’ve wanted to be in France more permanently for a long time now. This time, however, I’m going for love, and I was lucky enough to find a really good job to help make it all happen.

2) What’s your current relationship with music?

JE – I’ve been making music with Chase Thornburg for the better part of a decade, and we have a great deal of original tunes that we’ve been working on for a while now. I’m still doing electronic music as well, purely for the pleasure of doing it. And the 3 a.m. rendez vous with my piano is also a regular thing.

3) Parting words for Omaha?

JE – Omaha has been getting steadily cooler (interesting, diverse, culturally robust) over the last ten years, and I’m excited to see what it’s like the next time I’m back in town. In the meantime, I’ll send a postcard!

4) Greatest life achievement(s) so far?

JE – That sweet sweet moment where I actually nailed my Christopher Walken impression.

5) Goals – short term/long?


Long term: Nail that Christopher Walken impression in my sleep, make a boat-load of music and learn how to make a turducken.



You can request Jordan as your Facebook friend here.





One thought on “Five Questions with Jordan Elsberry

  1. It has been my good fortune to know Jordan since the day of his birth, as I am blessed to be his aunt. I feel that his varied talents in music began the day of that blessed event, This well-written article covers a lot of his musical successes and products of his focused life. Not mentioned is that Jordan is one of the finest Cellists I have ever heard. His many, many musical accomplishments have not come without hard work; however, the music flows out of him in great harmony and accord and with seemingly little effort. Jordan is a very fine young man, and we will miss him. We do wish him the very best as he pursues his “lifetime of music” in Paris. We also wish him all the love and happiness that can fulfill him with his so beautiful and very gorgeous Parisian love, whom I was very happy to meet. We love you Jordan.


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