Terminator: Salvation

Terminator: Salvation 

Director: McG

Not knowing much about the Terminator brand, (except that Arnold has been in all of them, including a cameo in this one) this movie is pure awesome explosivity.  I have to tell you that I experienced something like love at first site for  Sam Worthington, who plays Marcus Wright. This film absolutely belongs to him. I wasn’t as impressed with Christian Bale as John Connor, as the leader of the resistance. (They were resisting the post apocalyptic world of machines.) Another standout was Moon Bloodgood, as Blair Williams, who is beautiful, sexy & powerful. According to movie sites, there was a topless scene that was cut, but will be on the DVD. When asked about the scene, Moon said that it was very tasteful, and appropriate. She also went on to say that she has a very European feeling about nudity.

The story is about John Conner, who is racing against time to save his father and the future from the corporate giant, Skynet.  At the same time, his father, Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) is befriended by a death row inmate (Sam Worthington) from 2003 who finds himself mysteriously in the future.  He is desperate to find answers to who and what he is. 

As an action film this works. Seeing McG’s vision of the world post nuclear holocaust is brilliant. The cast is impressive. I will tell you that it is worth the price of admission to see the deconstructed clothes alone.

4/5 stars


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