And first, a case for what is right.

It’s Blitz by Yeah Yeah Yeah’s

One of this year’s hottest releases. Much acclaim and hype. Worthy?

It’s been sitting on my desk for a few weeks and I finally took time. The band is evolving, and this direction seems to have placed them at a perfect frequency to play in the 80’s synth-band friendly fields of 2009. New York club sound, more electronic, more like “Down Boy” from Is Is. As they slicken up their overall sound, Karen O’s gorgeous vocals turn to platinum from their former gold. 

Do I miss the rougher “Fever to Tell” garage grime, the unpredictable old ¥¥¥s? Sometimes. Commercial? Yes. Pop? Yes. But as Karen O, Nick & Brian take it to the dance floor, I, for one, will shake it with the rest of you. 4/5


2 thoughts on “And first, a case for what is right.

  1. Having been a longtime Mary fan (and one-time Mary employer!), all the best on the blog. You’ve always had good takes on culture and life, Mary, and it’s nice to know I’ll have a regular spot to find ’em.



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